Maria Icenogle has 17 years construction experience on a wide variety of construction projects including commercial buildings, transit, highways, bridges, water treatment plants, airports, and parking garages.

Valley Transportation Authority's Light Rail Project, Santa Clara
As the Senior Field Project Controls Engineer, consulting servicxses to the VTA relating to the review and approval of the contractor's CPM schedule submittals was provided.

Santa Clara County Transit Authority, Measure "A" Project
As the Scheduling Engineer, CPM analysis and consulting services to Caltrans Resident Engineers was provided. Maintained as-built schedules.

Improvements to Central Plant, San Francisco International Airport
As the Project Manager, managing the project, and coordinating the everyday work with the various subcontractors was provided.

Rental Car Facility, San Francisco International Airport
As the Project Controls Supervisor, CPM schedules for the project was provided as well as assists in the overall administration of the project with emphasis on claims avoidance and delay mitigation.

International Terminal Project, San Francisco International Airport
As the Project Controls Engineer, monthly progress reports were prepared, as well as in-house daily as-built schedules that were used in evaluating delays and potential claims issues.

 Maria Icenogle - President

 Edward Chudnovsky - Project Manager

 Scott Ritter - Project Manager

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